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TRU LIES VIII or is it IX?: Trutanich Lies About "His" ACE Program

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich must be getting desperate if reports that he blatantly lied about the origins of the ACE Program that he has been pushing "like a snake-oil salesman" are true. The ACE Program promises to elevate Trutanich to the top of the Los Angeles City Hall power pile, with vast ranging powers attendant with the police state style of law enforcement that Trutanich appears to favor.

But the ACE program is not without critics, and the lies told by Trutanich on June 5, 2011 to The Kevin James Show audience, could be a sign that the City Council is finally waking up to the "End of Days" scenario that could result from empowering Trutanich the "judge and jury" powers he seeks.

Trutanich's lies about "his" ACE Program are seen as just the
latest of a series of lies that Trutanich followers are being fed
as the former Plaintiff's Attorney steps up his campaign for DA.
(Credit: Los Angeles Dragnet)

Trutanich's desperation may be due to the fact that the ACE Program is inching closer and closer to a vote by the full City Council. As it gets closer to that vote, Trutanich seems to be ratcheting up the hyperbole with his followers, promising a more efficient way of obtaining "compliance" from municipal code violators, as well as a new stream of revenue for the cash strapped City Council from the "Administrative Penalties" that Trutanich says will be as simple as "traffic tickets." Simple for who? The City in collecting the money, or those hit with traffic ticket-like fines with no real hope of fighting them?

But as to the lies themselves, Trutanich appears to have told at least two; the first was that the ACE Program was an idea he had when he became City Attorney. He didn't say it once, he said it twice, so there's no excuse about misunderstanding exactly what he said.

Trutanich's claim that the ACE Program was an idea he had when he became City Attorney
appears to be completely false based on the original motion instructing Trutanich to
create an administrative citation ordinance. 
But documents on file at the City Clerk's office show that the idea for the ACE Program came from Councilmember Paul Koretz, and as the Los Angeles Dragnet is reporting, it was an idea that Koretz's Chief of Staff, Richard Llewellyn (a former aide to City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo) had long before Trutanich ran for City Attorney.

The second lie that Trutanich told, is that he had shared his idea with other cities. Trutanich specifically mention the cities of San Diego and Santa Monica, and implied that they had implemented his plan and that it was "working just fine." But both of those cities already had their own administrative citation programs in force long before Trutanich was asked by CM Koretz to write LA's version of those ordinances, indeed, Trutanich despatched three of his top aides to San Diego to study and copy the San Diego program.

For those doubting these startling revelations, Trutanich's lies can be heard on YouTube or using the embedded player here:

TRU is False was one of the first to question the motives and desirability of allowing Trutanich to be given the extensive powers that are embedded deep inside the proposed ordinance, and there now seems to be a general acceptance that whilst the concept of and Administrative Citation Enforcement program could be a benefit to Los Angeles, the notion of giving Trutanich control over it is definitely not a good idea.

Sharp eyed observers will note that the latest iteration of ACE Program has stripped away Trutanich's control over where the administrative penalty money will go. But the all-important subpoena power remains, and if Trutanich succeeds in retaining this power he will have made fools of his enemies in City Hall who quashed of his Grand Jury plans last year.

Critics still believe that the City Council needs to remove Trutanich from having any involvement with the ACE Program because it still could be used just like traffic tickets - to raise money, rather than to promote public safety. As the Los Angeles Dragnet observed, "if you cannot trust the City Attorney to be truthful about where it came from, how can you trust him when he tells you where it's going?"

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