Friday, January 7, 2011

TRU Lies V: Trutanich Starts Trying To Talk His Way Out Of Promises

As predicted, Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich gave a clear indication that his word is worth about as much as a plugged nickel; nothing.

In a statement to the LA Times concerning the rumors that Trutanich has already started bragging to people that he's running for District Attorney, the Times reported that Trutanich "said he declined to rule out running for the position but said he would only think about joining the race if Cooley was not seeking reelection."

"I am keeping my options open," Trutanich told the Times, and then went on to deliver one of his infamous double-speak, nonsensical, rhetorical statements that always leaves you scratching your head wondering what the hell he means, or whether he even knows what he said. "Am I going home and saying, 'Dear, call me Mr. D.A.?' No, I'm the city attorney of Los Angeles and I'm very proud to be holding this job."

As for the signed pledge NOT to run for DA before serving a full first term and seeking a second, the legal lummox of City Hall has clearly been doing a little spin doctoring to try to find a way out of this promises. You can read them yourself in the Times, but what it basically amounts to is "What I said was only for the purposes of my campaign against Jack Weiss, it was a stunt. And anyway, things have changed. Do you want to believe me, or your lying eyes?"

Clearly Trutanich cannot be believed about anything he says concerning his campaign, so let's see how that works for him. His opponents will remind him about it every time he opens his mouth.


Former Supporter said...

So Noooooch is "Keeping his options open" how about that for a big fat lie. He knows very well that he IS running and has already lined up his choices for top jobs, probably with all sorts of promises and favors.

This guy is such a piece of work, he doesn't consider his campaign promise binding because "things have changed." Well he's right about that. Things have changed, Mr. Carmen The Clown, we now see you for the career politician that you actually are, and we ain't buying what you're selling anymore.

Anonymous said...

This blogger seems like he writes his own comments too.

Don't get too chap down there.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Chief Damn" everyone knows who you are so why don't you use your real name? Maybe people would take you more seriously if you did.

Anonymous said...

Carmen the Clown's other "Big Lie" was the Michael Jackson memorial investigation. Remember when the Clown said "Our investigation has taken an unanticipated turn that raises both civil and criminal aspects"?

What became of that "investigation" Mr. City Clown?

There you were pretending to have a "Bureau of Investigations" conducting hundreds of interviews, when you didn't have shit. There's no listing for a "Bureau of Investigations" in any phone directory, and it's not mentioned on your crappy website. It was all smoke and mirrors, and in the end nothing, absolutely nothing - no "civil or criminals aspects" to anything, except your grandstanding and shakedown of AEG.

You are a phony Mr. Trutanich, and I do hope you run for DA, 'cause the only running you'll be doing is out of town.

The Blogger said...

Trutanich is running. Political Pantloads Blog has the latest rumor, and their saying Cooley has dumped the Clown because the Clown can't keep his promises.