Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trutanich Is The New McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy and Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich
Can you tell the difference?
Both the Los Angeles Times and the LA Weekly yesterday published articles about Trutanich. The Los Angeles City Attorney is running for District Attorney and has secured the services of John Shallman as campaign manager. This was previously reported on Political Pantloads, as was the LA Weekly's observation that the relationship between former supporter Steve Cooley and the Clown of City Hall is over; "Cooley was livid"said the LA Weekly, when he found out that Trutanich was running for District Attorney - the Clown didn't even have the guts to tell Cooley, he had to hear about it second hand.

Comments to the LA Times Op-Ed piece were interesting, especially this one from anonymous blogger "Truth and Justice for All," we repeat it here because it has some highly insightful comments on the real Trutanich and probably explains why Jim Newton's Op-Ed piece was not as complete an excoriation of Trutanich as it should have been - Newton got swayed by Trutanich's double-speak rambling and teary-eyed false sincerity:

"The truth about Trutanich is really disturbing. I believe he's a con man of the first order. Just look at how he tried to play you Jim - first he bambozzles you with rambling responses to questions, then, when you see through the "BS," he plays the emotion card and does the teary eyed "I'm just trying to do the right thing" act. What you may not realize is that every moment of his affable bumbling emotional fool routine, is just that; an act. It's designed to fool you, designed to disarm your criticism and he is a master at doing it. 

After lunch I bet he gave you a bear hug and a slap on the back after luch, and promised you would be "friends for life." Sorry, but it's the line he uses all the time and he delivers it beautifully, but while you're all overcome with this extragavent expression of emotion, he's looking at you with eyes colder than an aligator's, hoping he can turn you and use you. 

It's not really surprising; 20 years as a successful defense attorney, Trutanich learnt how to use distraction and deception to be an effective advocate for his client. That's no disrespect to defense attorneys, it's what they have to do to give their often guilty clients the zealous representation that the law demands. But it's not duty of a prosecutor to win at all costs - we don't want another McCarthy in power."

"Truth and Justice for All" writes with a passion an insight that can only come from someone close enough to Trutanich to know his modus operandi, his "schtick" - distraction, disarmament and utter insincerity.

Both the LA Times and the LA Weekly mentioned Trutanich's failed bid to get his own Grand Jury, but it was "Truth and Justice for All" who made the darkest connection of all; "We don't want another McCarthy in power."

The comparison to Joseph McCarthy is not without merit. Trutanich wanted his own Grand Jury to be a veritable Star Chamber, where Trutanich could grill and grind his enemies on the flimsiest of evidence, much like McCarthy did with his inquisition. It's not hard to imagine the long line of Trutanich's enemies outside his secret Grand Jury room, and it's not hard to imagine just how abusive Trutanich's use of that power might be. We got a glimpse of that over the billboard issue when Trutanich jailed a businessman on a $1M arrest warrant that a court later reduced to $150k - still well above the schedule bail for a misdemeanor violation of the City Code.

Interesting, if you look at the timing of Trutanich's bid to get his Star Chamber, it was around the time that he began to realize that his "criminal aspects" investigation into the Michael Jackson memorial was going nowhere. There was no evidence to back-up Trutanich's bombshell statement to the City Council that there were "criminal aspects" to anything.

But if Trutanich had Grand Jury powers he could haul AEG's Tim Leiweke in to his secret court and subpoena every shred of paper that might prove a connection to some "criminal aspect" to what most people believe was an appropriate, if expensive, memorial to one of America's greatest musical talents.

This is the TRUe threat of Trutanich gaining Grand Jury powers, and while the City Council put an end to that nightmare violation of civil rights, it's only a temporary fix. If Trutanich succeeds in his bid to become District Attorney he gets instant access to not one but two secret Grand Juries, and you can bet they will be in session 24/7.


Anonymous said...

"I believe he's a con man of the first order." Amen.

Anonymous said...

I f'ing nearly crapped myself reading this! Nuch is gonna be soooo pissed when he get this, the look on his face will be priceless. Pity the LA Times photographer won't be there to capture the moment, like he did when he got Nuch doing a High Five For A Dead Baby. That's the real Nuch - McCarthy isn't even close.

Anonymous said...

I've seen more attractive steaming piles of dog turd than Trutanich - he's a freaking megalomaniac!

Anonymous said...

He's Hitler! McCartney isn't good enough.

You nearly crapped yourself which would have given you political poo poo pants.

If you get poo poo pants, you might want to fart out more salami burps.

Anonymous said...

Kenny - get off this blog. Mom's almost home.

Anonymous said...

Walter Moore is a pantload.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich lied about using the grand jury to investigate patient dumping and insurance fraud. He wanted that power because he could use it to bully and intimidate his enemies - and he has a very long list. He said something like "the rules of ethics means he could not or would not investigate councilmembers" but no sane person believed him. At the time he was desperate to get something on AEG over the Jackson memorial and the LA Live billboards - both those matters involved AEG and councilmembers, so how could he investigate AEG and not a councilmember? It was such a plain lie, does he thing we're all stupid?

Anonymous said...

You should also report on Noooch's insane plan to have deputy city attorneys designated as judges to decide administrative ticket cases - talk about a star chamber. The idiot really couldn't understand what was wrong with the idea.

Anonymous said...

10:19PM - The City Attorney Judges was supposed to be one of Trutanich's "secret weapons" to gain more power and boost the budget of his office - he would get to skim off the take.

The idea was crazy, having deputy city attorneys designated as judges to sit in kangaroo courts and decide if a homeowner was liable to pay the city an "administrative penalty" for installing a new water heater without first obtaining a permit from the Dept. of Building & Safety, or for having an untidy front yard, or a fence that was too high, or practically any possible violation of the municipal code.

Trutanich thought he would become a hero for solving the city's budget crisis by hauling homeowners and business owners into his Administrative Courts, where they would stuff one of his deputy city attorneys into a black robe and have them be judge, jury and executioner for "easy target" municipal code violators.

With no right to have a public defender, most suspects would roll over and pay the "penalty" and Nooooch would get to keep the "costs" of running the kangaroo court. A "win - win situation" as he put it.

He really thought this was a great idea, and when the reports came in that this was completely illegal, unconstitutional and unethical, he went ballistic - shouting and ranting and raving so loud everyone outside the 8th floor "TruBunker" flinched as he berated the poor bastard who had to tell him his idea was insane.

Shortly after the death of this secret weapon, Trutanich started working over Gil Cedillo to support his Grand Jury - another scam to shake down the defenseless.

Trutanich is fucking insane.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Clown party-crashed the South East District Bar Association awards dinner on Saturday night, and made a complete fool of himself, again, according to the Los Angeles Dragnet.

Carmen the Clown wasn't even invited to present anything to honoree Mario Trujillo, but nevertheless forced his way to the podium and delivered a rambling, incoherent and obviously unprepared speech. Most in the room believed that Trutanich was only there to promote himself, and all were glad when he left.

Truanich said he had to interrupt because he had to catch a plane to DC, and excuse few believed, or seemed to think particularly important.

"Grandstanding idiot" was one of the more polite comments from a guest at the awards dinner, "totally irrelevant, desperately seeking attention" said another.