Friday, January 21, 2011


Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich hides behind Chief Deputy Bill Carter
to deliver another empty threat - this time to stop prosecuting crimes due to budget cuts.
Carmen "the Clown" Trutanich apparently choose "duck and cover" as a strategy to once again bemoan proposed budget cuts to the City Attorney's Office, perhaps he should be re-named Carmen "the Coward" Trutanich?

Last year, when told that the City Attorney's Office would have to share the pain of everyone else in the recession, the Clown chose Special Assistant Jane Usher to deliver a sharply worded email to attack the Mayor for cutting his budget. That didn't work out too well for the Clown, so this year he choose his Chief Deputy Bill Carter, to deliver the message. Carter told the LA Times that "the cuts could lead to fewer prosecutions of misdemeanor crimes."

According to the LA Times, Carter's belief is that a $1M reduction in the City Attorney's budget will cause him to have to "... prioritize those cases in which suspects need to be held and cases filed," Carter said. That's political double-speak for a threat not to prosecute cases in retaliation for the budget cut.

It's not really a change of tactics for the Clown; the use of threats seems to be Trutanich's answer to everything, but threatening not to prosecute crimes might work for the Clown, just as threatening not to imprison criminals, or give them an early release, has worked for the Sheriff in the past.

Of course, many might be wondering why Trutanich chose to once again deploy an operative to deliver the message. Perhaps it's because he made such a fool of himself the last time he opened his mouth in City Hall - that was over the "criminal aspects" he claimed to have found in the case of the Michael Jackson memorial. If Trutanich now were to cry foul to the City Council, they probably would laugh him out of the Chamber.

Another reason why Trutanich might have kept his mouth shut over the budget cuts, might be because he believes the reduced budget constitutes a "changed circumstance," and that might give him an excuse to renege on his sworn promise not to run for DA. As the Political Pantloads blog is reporting, Trutanich has retained the services of John Sallman as campaign manager for a run at the DA's Office.

Trutanich mentioned "changed circumstances" when he told the LA Times that he was "keeping his options open" about running for DA, and that he did not feel bound by his sworn promise because "circumstances had changed."

Once again, Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich reveals his shallow grasp of law, doubtless the result of a fourth rate part-time law school education. The concept of "changed circumstances" might sound impressive, but has nothing to do with relieving a party to a contract from a sworn promise.

That's the problem with Trutanich; you cannot trust anything he says to be TRUe, and when he does open his mouth, there's not telling what nonsense will come out. It must be very frustrating for Chief Deputy Bill Carter and Special Assistant Jane Usher, to have to work for someone who is a constant source of embarrassment and ridicule. Perhaps that's why they both rather like the idea of Trutanich leaving the office and running for DA?


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Anonymous said...

Trutanich has done amazing things with the City Attorney's Office. Since he took over from Rocky Delgadillo, he's managed to make the City Attorney's Office even more of a laughing stock than it was under Rocky. Getting "advice" from the Clown? Gimme a break.

Anonymous said...

So Carmen the Coward won't enter the Chamber and tell the City Council that the budget cuts will mean his office will have to stop prosecuting crime? What has the Coward done to cut HIS costs? Has he taken a 20% pay cut like all his deputies have with enforced work furloughs? No. Has he stopped running around in his City SUV with 2 and sometimes 3 armed police bodyguards? No. Does he rack up hundreds of hours of police overtime with his entourage accompanying him on City Attorney business? No. Since when does he have the right to use tax payer resources for his own fundraising?

Trutanich is the classic "do as I say, not as I do" lying pantload.

Hey Trutanich, here's an "opinion" request for you. "Does an elected official have the right to charge the tax payer for using a City vehicle for personal use?"

Your answer in 24 hours please.

Anonymous said...

hibbity jibbity bibbity. Bibbity, jibbity, dibbity.

Anonymous said...

7:14am - Ask Rocky about the use of the City vehicle.

Anonymous said...

After his CRIMINAL ASPECTS speech Trutanich has ZERO credibility. Most people voted for him only because he wasn't as revolting as Jack Weiss, but now the only differences are 1) his name, 2) his party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich had enough credibility to get AEG to cough up $1.3 million dollars back to the city.

In my book, that makes him a hero to all citizens in the City.

This blogger must've lost a big case to the city and so now they're crying like a pussy.


Cry baby!

The people in the City Attorney's office love Trutanich, and so do the people in the community, and a stupid blog like this, read by three people, and a person with a Chrysler for sale, won't change that.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:36, that '03 Chrysler's a pretty good deal for only $2.5k, I bet he'd take $2k cash.

But seriously, there's a lot of people who find Trutanich unacceptable. People who have seen what he does when he gets his hands on the reigns of power - he abuses it.

He lied about 'criminal aspects' when he had nothing, zero, nada. And it wasn't him who got AEG to pay anything, it was Jan Perry and Dennis Zine - remember, Trutanich made no comment at all.

So was he lying about the 'criminal aspects,' or did he drop the case when AEG offered to pay $1M to the City, and $300k to LAPD? Either way Trutanich is a stinking pantload, because lying about whether a person has committed a crime is almost as bad as finding a person has actually committed a crime, and then covering it up for a fistful of dollars.

I don't care how you look at it, Trutanich is not someone I would trust with any real power, and this blog and the others like it will make sure enough people know who NOT to vote for.

Bye bye Trutanich. Maybe you and Rocky can go into partnership together when you are recalled from office.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people don't think Obama is an American citizen. So what? Every public figure will have their detractors. You can't please everyone.

If an elected official can get 51% of the voting pulic to support them, 49% can hate their guts.

If you don't like Trutanich, don't support him, but I can tell you 73%of Los Angeles Voters like him a lot. And that's based on a recent poll conducted by the L.A. County Fed.

If he runs for City Attorney again, or District Attorney or L.A. Mayor, he will sweep the floor with his competition.

20,000 people have already signed a petition asking him to run for District Attorney. You have to respect that. The public likes what he's doing no matter what a few cyber trolls think.

Morgan said...

11:23PM - you make a good point, it only takes 51% of voters to make or break a candidate - actually it's 50% plus one vote, but whatever I take your point.

Trutanich is running for District Attorney and will have a hard time finding 50% plus one vote to carrying him out of the mess he's created at the City Attorney's Office, to the County DA's Office.

Yes, there may be a LA County Federation poll showing 73% of 2000 voters approve of Trutanich, although I have not seen it and you don't provide a link, but I'll accept what you're saying. The problem for Trutanich is that his popularity has been largely due to his close relationship with Steve Cooley. That has changed.

Apparently Cooley does not support Trutanich any longer because of Trutanich's willingness to parlay his position as City Attorney into a political springboard for higher office. That, plus numerous instances where Trutanich has made a fool of himself and his office by opening his fat mouth before he knows the facts - like with the Michael Jackson memorial "criminal aspects" investigation that ended with the charges being dropped and a campaign donation from AEG.

Or the threat that Truanich made to arrest Jan Perry and Tim Leiweke over putting up billboards at LA Live, when the City Council had already approved those billboards.

Or the promise Trutanich made to the medical marijuana community to pass a fair law, when in fact his law was aimed to close them all down - until a judge told him that his law was unconstitutional.

Or Trutanich's attempt to manipulate the election of a judge - Tom Griego, by calling him a 'criminal prosecutor' when he was nothing of the sort.

It's that sort of incompetence and double-dealing that the public are not aware of, and that "a few cyber trolls" are helping to publicize - after all, you found this blog didn't you?

Another difference for Trutanich when he runs for DA, Mayor or re-election, is that there is a growing, well-funded opposition to Trutanich with people within his own organization actively working to oust him because of the damage he is doing to the reputation of the office, and the danger he presents to civil liberties.

Why do you think Trutanich failed to get Grand Jury powers? It was probably because people within the office tipped off Sacramento that by giving Trutanich Grand Jury powers they would be creating a modern day McCarthy.

Remember the McCarthy era? Joe McCarthy used investigative powers based on flimsy evidence to destroy his enemies - sounds a lot like "criminal aspects" doesn't it?

You are right, you can't please everyone and the more everyone learns about Trutanich, the less pleased they will be. Next time maybe it will be 73% who don't approve of Carmen the Clown?

Anonymous said...

11:23PM - It was 2,000 people not 20,000 and that poll was taken before Steve Cooleyy withdrew his support for Trutanich. Once more people like you find out the truth about Carmen the Clown noone will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see Trutanich at a private fundraiser for Steve Cooley last year using a government SUV (a Chevy Tahoe I think) with two plainclothes detectives accompanying him - one in the SUV and the other in an unmarked police car. Is this lawful? I thought public vehicles could only be used for government business, but this was a purely private affair.

It was misuse of cars that got Rocky Delgadillo in trouble, I don't understand why Trutanich is doing the same thing. Has the law changed?

Anonymous said...

He was driving the SUV inside the fund raiser? What, through the tables? Did anyone get run over?

I think it's legal as long as Rocky DellGadio's wife is not driving the car.

Anonymous said...

Very funny 6:04PM, but I don't think it's appropriate for Trutanich to use city cars and personnel for private fundraising. Surely there are rules about this sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

How did Cooley get to the private fundraiser? I'm sure he had his County paid securtiy folks drive him in his county paid car.

Mayor V always has his city paid security detail drive him to private events and accompany him on his private vacations.

Unofrtunately, the bad guys never rest.

Anonymous said...

Both the LA TImes,0,7659704.column

and LA Weekly

have stories today saying Trutanich is running for DA.

TRU is False had the story first!