Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trutanich Accussed of Bluffing - Makes A Change from Bullying, Bragging &c.

Carmen Trutanich appears to be gazing longingly
at a pair of handcuffs ...
(Photo Credit: LA Times / LA Dragnet)
Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich appears to have shot himself in the foot with his latest threat. This time he's not threatening to arrest anyone, or investigate anyone - except perhaps the author of a 2-page plan to take away his power to prosecute.

The Los Angeles Dragnet, a long time supporter of Trutanich, has recently changed direction and today published the 2-page plan penned by the pseudonymous 'Perry Mason.'

In essence 'Mason' proposes that the City of Los Angeles uses the City Controller to investigate the actual cost of running Trutanich's criminal division, as it appears the cost of prosecuting minor city crimes could be more economically achieved using the District Attorney's Office.

Trutanich, last week, closed down two offices causing LAPD to have to drive to downtown Los Angeles to file these minor crimes. Clearly 'Mason' believes Trutanich is bluffing and has asked the Mayor, Controller and the City Council to call Trutanich's bluff.

The City Hall Insider also published links to the 'Mason' plan, and quoted a line that perhaps sums up the Clown better than any other we've recently heard: "... this would not be the first time Trutanich has gone to a gunfight at sundown with a revolver full of blanks."

'Mason's' plan, if taken seriously, could cause a major showdown between Carmen the Clown and City Hall, as even if the Dragnet's analysis is correct; that a City Charter amendment would be required, it would be interesting to watch the Clown explain why he should not be audited, and why it makes more sense to pay such a high price just so that the City Attorney can prosecute minor crimes.