Monday, January 31, 2011

Tru Secret Weapons - Puppet Judges

Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich's attempts to plant a "friendly" judge in office number 117 of the Los Angeles Superior Court failed dismally when Tom Griego failed to gain enough votes to win a judicial appointment in the November mid-term elections. Trutanich had endorsed Griego, and had even enabled Griego to obtain a misleading ballot designation of "Criminal Prosecutor," through the use of a controversial internal transfer, as previously reported.

But it seems Trutanich's plans to control the administration of justice went beyond trying to sick an "Unqualified" judge on voters. Thanks to an anonymous tip, TRU is False can reveal that Trutanich had planned to set up his own Kangaroo Courts where Deputy City Attorneys - "Criminal Prosecutors" according to Trutanich's Griego standard, would sit as Judge and Jury in cases involving "Administrative Penalties."

Better yet, there would be no right to a public defender to represent those forced to appear before Trutanich's version of the Star Chamber, thereby ensuring that Trutanich's Supreme Court would not have to bother with pesky details like Constitutional rights including those established in the Fourth, Fifth or Sixth Amendments.

Trutanich's secret weapon was designed to generate vast sums of revenue from the Administrative Penalties which would be shared with the City of Los Angeles and the City Attorney's Office, and was believed to be one of several money generating weapons that the Trutanich regime were designing in order to fight the budget cuts by imposing Administrative Penalties on homeowners and businesses who dared to violate the Los Angeles Municipal Code by, for example, not obtaining permits for new water heaters, or allowing the grass to grow too high in their front yard.

Although many within the Trutanich regime were said to be "horrified" and "appalled" at Trutanich's apparent ignorance of basic notions of Fairness, Due Process and Conflict of Interest, the nighttime law school graduate could not be convinced that the idea was basically unconstitutional, if not downright insane.

Trutanich assigned a Special Assistant to oversee the task force of attorneys who would develop this, the first of several similar, stunning secret weapons.  Unfortunately, early tests were not successful. Those commanded to sell the thinly disguised assault on the rights of homeowners and businesses as a simple "Regulatory Ordinance," reported that they were quite unable to keep a straight face when explaining Trutanich's vision to others.

When news of the test failures were reported to Trutanich in one of his routine secret briefings, raised voices were heard outside the closed doors of the Eighth Floor "TruBunker,"apparently similar to the ravings of a dictator who accuses those who "do not obey orders" to be "traitors."

Trutanich recently confirmed the existence of his "Secret Weapons" program when he told LA Times Reporter Jim Newton that "... suggestions from the city attorney's office on how to raise revenue — by, say, giving the office the power to collect city debts and oversee fines for violating administrative codes — are routinely allowed to "age nicely," as Trutanich put it."

Perhaps the City Council has more sense than we often credit them with - putting the brakes on a power crazed egomaniac seems like one of their better moves.


Anonymous said...

This blog is dumb. It's just one long smear campaign backed up by made up facts written by some coward who won't even use his real name.

Anonymous said...

Poo poo pee pee pants.

Packers win the Super Bowl!

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson for D.A. He's been endorsed by Dennis Zine "who dates a lot of young ladies around downtown."

Go Steelers!

Anonymous said...

This blog is one long smear campaign against Carmen "the Clown" Trutanich. Is that supposed to be a criticism or praise?

Personally, I cannot think of a better target than Trutanich, but "smear campaign" is going a little far - after all, since when is telling the truth a smear? All they are doing is reporting on the other, darker, side of Trutanich. The main media is taking notice, and this blog (and others like it) are probably pissing off Trutanich no end. I bet he supports Obama's internet kill switch to shut down criticism and make sure only puff pieces are published.

Anonymous said...

You should do a little research on the billboard litigation that Trutanich is now doing. The City thinks the fines and penalties will all go to the general fund. But if you check, you will find they are all "17200" cases where the City Attorney's office gets all the money.

"Secret Weapons" is a great title BTW, it sums up just about everything about this phony.

Anonymous said...

I did a little research on the billboard litigation. Half the money goes to the County, and half to the City.

But why let the facts get in the way?

Anonymous said...

You've got to be f'ing kidding me - city attorneys being judge and jury to fine homeowners for un-permitted water heaters and oversize fences? If this is true then Trutanich is insane.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich rocks! If he does decide to run, he has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Yeah go have at it Nuch! We need someone to lock up all the illegals, gangmembers and drugdealers, and you're just the kind a guy to do the job. The whole criminal justice system has forgotten that it is supposed to protect lawful citizens, not illegals. You have my vote too!

Anonymous said...

Trutanich busted one of the most notorious gangs in L.A. this morning.

While his critics bicker amongst each other, he's getting the job done.

It's probably why the last two posters appreciate his efforts.

Anonymous said...

6:26PM Here's the link to the story on Trutanich's major gang takedown this morning:

It was the notorious 38th St. gang, and Trutanich took them down.

So you can take your blog and shove it.

Anonymous said...

8:20PM. Thank you for the link. Odd how Trutanich wasn't mentioned anywhere. Of course, it must be an oversight. I also checked ABC Channel 7's report, and they seem to have overlooked Trutanich's central role too. By the way, did you know that Trutanich only prosecutes misdemeanors? The felony crimes that 38th St gangmembers where arrested for are FELONIES - I hope. That's why the US Attorney and the DA's Office ARE involved. This had nothing to do with Trutanich, but I suppose he's poking his nose in it and claiming it was something to do with him, just like his gate crashing at the SEDBA award dinnner. Pathetic. Just the sort of grandstanding that Rocky used to do.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich filed the gang injunction and several nuisanace abatement complaints.

Those filings triggered this takedown.

It's sad to see the sleazy, gutter campaign Mario Trujillo and his supporters are mounting before Mario has raised a penny.

Mario is the new Jack Weiss.

Anonymous said...

"Trutanich filed the gang injunction and several nuisanace abatement complaints."

Big F'ing deal!

The South Los Angeles Report mentioned Trutanich only for his grandstanding statement, but all the main media ignored the Clown.

I guess they've got the message now. His stupid stunt at the SEDBA awards dinner really showed how desperate he is for attention, and how underserving he TRUly is.

He's like an irrelevant groupie trying to get on the stage with the big boys. F'ing pathetic.

Anonymous said...

According to the only news report to mention Carmen the Clown"

"After an 18-month investigation, law enforcement officials arrested 57 members of the 38th Street gang early Tuesday morning, which is one of Los Angeles' most notorious gangs for gun violence and drug trafficking."

18 month investigation? Wow, and Truanich was in on that (even though it's not mentioned). I thought that Carmen the Clown was busy with his AEG/Michael Jackson memorial "criminal aspects" investigation at that time. Wow, he must be a really good multi-tasker. He barely has his feet under the table and he's taking on a big gang. Yeah right!

"More than 780 officers from eight different agencies, including the United States and Los Angeles District Attorney's office, worked on the investigation, according to David Doan, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Thirty-four more arrests, Doan said, are likely to progress in the future."

Err, how come Mr. Clown doesn't get mentioned?

Oh, please, mention ME, I'm important too. I'm the City Attorney, and I didn't do much of anything but I need some face time and some good press!

Wah Wah Wah, I wanna be the DA ....

Anonymous said...

Check the City of LA's website for "After the fact penalties" and you'll find Trutanich's stinker dressed up as a code enforcement ordinance. But if you read the ordinance, you will see everything that this blog says is true, or is that TRUe!