Thursday, December 16, 2010


Anonymous sources in the City Attorney's Office have confirmed what has been suspected for some time; Carmen "The Clown" Trutanich is going to run for District Attorney in the February 2012 primary election and renege on his $100,000 pledge to serve two terms as City Attorney.

Those familiar with Carmen the Clown's sleazy style of deception will be not be surprised at the news, just horrified that someone who campaigned on a platform of honesty, transparency and integrity could be so arrogant as to think himself fit to be DA when he cannot even be trusted stick to his signed, sworn and written pledge, which you can read in full by clicking here.

The highlights of Trutanich's pledge are:

1. Serve out his elected term in its entirety.
2. Seek a second term.
3. Specifically will not seek the position of District Attorney.
4. Pay a $100,000 fine from personal funds if he violates the pledge.
5. Pay for a full page advert in every LA newspaper with a headshot and the words "I AM A LIAR" in large block print.

Trutanich must be so drunk on power that he has forgotten the main reason why he was elected; because he was not Jack Weiss. In fact it was Councilman Dennis Zine who first said "Vote for anyone but Weiss," which Trutanich took as an endorsement.

If his past antics aren't enough to convince voters that Trutanich is no different to lying career politicians like Weiss, then this will seal the deal with even the most hard core republicans. In violating his sworn oath, Trutanich shows the same arrogance and disdain for voters that he and his sycophantic lap-dog blogger, David Berger (who we know is the "City Hall Insider"), used to contrast themselves from "Career Politicians."

Interestingly, Dennis Zine has endorsed Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson's candidacy for District Attorney. It's probably only a question of time before Zine says that Trutanich is an "egotistical individual who will do anything to try to convince voters to elect him to public office," it's what Zine said about Weiss. Seems the shoe fits Trutanich too.


Anonymous said...

This defamatory. There is nothing to stop Nuch from running for City Attorney, the pledge he made was just part of his campaign and wasn't sworn under penalty of perjury. I think Nuch will make a great DA and will lock up all the corrupt Latino politicians. Go Nuch 2012!

Anonymous said...

2:57pm is probably that cockney Brit Berger who goes around shilling for Noooch and blogging lies about anyone who stands in the way of Carmen the Clown. I don't much care for Jan Perry, Ed Reyes Bernard Parks, or the rest of the Clowncil, but I don't like the way Noooch thinks he can threaten themp by "walking them to the DA's office." Who the fuck does he think he is? You people have to be insane if you think Noooch can be trusted with real arrest powers.
Trutanich is nothing but a show and blow landscaper - makes a lot of noise and does nothing. It's about time people woke up to the idea that voting for one piece of lying crap just to stop another lying piece of crap is not a good idea. Vote "anyone but Nooooch."

Anonymous said...

Anything that starts out "Anonymous sources ..." is hardly reliable and isn't worth a damn - not even a Chief Damn!

This is bullshit. Trutanich would never go back on his word, you're just a bunch of bitter losers who can't face the fact that Trutanich is capable of doing the job of City Attorney better than any of his predecessors. Give him a break and get yourselves a life.

Anonymous said...

The rumors your talking about are also on the Mayor Sam blog, with some insights into the the way the Clown conducts office meetings - ranting, raving, shouting and screaming in meetings that go on for hours while the Clown's deputies have to listen to what he says. No one has the guts to tell him he's wrong. It sounds like the typical ranting of a dictator ...

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a thug. He thinks he's so clever, so great, and so loved. He's wrong. He will get his fat ass kicked so hard when he runs for DA, he'll wish he never stuck his nose in politics. I only voted for him because I couldn't stand Jackass Weisshole, but I won't vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that Trutanich is thinking about running for DA - he's loathed in City Hall especially by his staff who constantly have to remind him that the law is not what HE thinks it should be, but what judges say it is.

He recently held one of his (many) "emergency" meetings to discuss the adverse ruling on medical marijuana and he kept on screaming about the judge being "plain stupid." Nobody wanted to tell him the judge had it right; his ordinance was unconstitutional - the last person who told him that was fired...

Seems like Trutanich is becoming more like Saddam Hussein as his empire crumbles around him.

Anonymous said...

The San Pedro knuckle dragging thug told the LA Times that he's not running for DA as long as his 'buddy' Steve Cooley is thinking about running, "I'm not arrogant enough to take on my buddy." said the legal lummox who had pledged to serve a full first term and seek a second.

Carmen the CLown dismissed his signed pledge as simply "campaign talk" and pointed out that "things have changed" so he's not bound by mere campaign promises.

Really? What's changed? Nothing, it seems. Carmen the CLown is just another lying sack of s**t who cannot be trusted or believed. Jackass Weiss might have been a worse candidate, but at least you could see him for what he was. Carmen the CLown's a different pile of crap altogether. Your only claim to fame is that you're not Weiss, but without a punching bag, what have you got? Nada.

Go on Nooooch, run for DA and get your ass kicked, there's too many people who know too much about your m.o. now.

Alan Jackson will beat you to a pulp because, unlike you he's not afraid to tell people he's a Republican. And unlike you, he's got people behind hime who are willing to tell the public some inconvenient truths about the so-called people's lawyer.